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Jin Dong Steel Works (M) Sdn Bhd

Jin Dong Steel Works (M) Sdn Bhd
are experienced steel works company in Malaysia. We are specialized in all kinds of steel works and invisible grille.

Jin Dong has been providing excellent steel works for construction industry in Johor area for many years. Our quality and innovative products are in high demand locally.

We provide safety grille, stainless steel door, plastic steel canopy, steel door, and roller shutter. Besides that, we also provide SILO design installation cum maintenance & heavy engineering works.

For further enquiries, you may visit our premise at Johor, Malaysia.

金東鐵器工程有限公司 & 金東隐形防护网

金東鐵器工程有限公司 & 金東隐形防护网


金東的产品包括剪刀門、膠鋼雨棚、鐵花、和捲門。我们也承接一切鐵器機械工程以及專業 SILO 設計裝置維修和重型工業。


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